Collection: EbeltSmart


EBELTSmart combines the functions of EBELTShade with smart technology. Like EBELTShade the belt is light weight, perfectly stretchy to allow movement but sturdy enough to carry tools. EBELTSmart comes with a unique belt buckle that enables the use of smart technology on the go. Together with Movesense sensor that slots into the belt buckle easy undetected data collection on the move is possible and can be used, for instance, to track the wearers activity. The user application for EBELTsmart that facilitates the Movesense sensor functions in the best way possible is available for Android and IOS users to download by end of Jan. 2024. EBELTSmart is available in a range of subtle patterns as well as in our classic solid colours. The belt is 130 cm long. Color black is also available in 160 cm length. The width of the belt is 38 mm. The belt length can easily be shortened by removing the buckle, cutting the belt to desired length, and reattaching the buckle. We are happy to inform that from now on EBELTSmart is made of 100% recycled polyester (rPET, post-consumer plastic bottles from Europe).