"Our mission is to create the better belt"


EBELT concentrates creating functional accessory solutions for everyday situations.

EBELT was founded 2015 in Helsinki Finland with a simple mission to keep ones pants up. The company founder Matti Huhtinen wanted to develop a new kind of elasticated lightweight belt suitable for heavy duty work yet stylish and comfortable enough to wear where- and whenever.

EBELT range is divided under two collections: EBELTShade and EBELTSmart. The material used for all belts is light weight, hardwearing and machine washable. The collections have their unique style of a boucle to differentiates them from each other. EBELTShade belt boucle is light weight and sporty. EBELTSmart comes with a unique belt boucle that enables the use of smart technology on the go. Together with Movesense sensor that slots into the belt boucle easy undetected data collection on the move is possible and can be used, for instance, to track the wearers activity. The user application for EBELTsmart that facilitates the Movesense sensor functions in the best way possible is currently being developed and waiting to be launched.

From the get-go the company has tried to minimize their product ranges environmental impact by careful conscious design development and use of recycled materials whenever possible. EBELT believes in kindness and social responsibility and chooses manufacturers and companies that they work with accordingly. For instance, EBELT trusts the storage, packing and shipping of their products to a local company that employs people with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Our mission is to create the better belt

Movesense Sensor upgrades the EBELTsmart to a new generation belt with smart functions