Collection: EBELTShade

EBELTShade is light weight belt with knitted structure that stretches slightly without losing shape. The structure is sturdy enough to carry tools and the belt is machine washable. The boucle is made of polyamide and is very hardwearing, light weight and quiet to use. EBELTShade is available in a broad variety of colours. High visibility colours make the belt perfect accessory for work wear. EBELTShade is also perfect accompaniment for many active hobbies such as golf, skating, skiing, or hiking. The belt is 120 cm long & the width of the belt is 38 mm. Color black is also available in 160 cm length but it differs from the 120 cm belt. 160 cm belt length can easily be shortened by removing the boucle, cutting the belt to desired length, and reattaching the boucle. We are happy to inform that from now on EBELT Shade is made of 100% recycled polyester (rPET, post-consumer plastic bottles from Europe).